Online Ordering
Did you know that we offer online ordering to place orders over the internet? Once you have the opportunity to try it out, youíll see that itís a one-of-a-kind system. Since its initial rollout, the feedback from our customers who use it has been extremely positive.

Some of the key features the system has to offer:

  • Custom built order guides to streamline ordering within departments.
  • Search features to purchase product that you havenít purchased before.
  • Real time pricing, inventory and 5 week buying trend analysis.
  • Ability to save an order and come back to it for further updates.
  • Automated order deposit with confirmation. No longer have to depend on a customer service agent to process your order and wait for a confirmation.
  • Re-submit existing orders. Minimize order processing time by reordering products that you've ordered in the past.

  • We're pleased to offer training and support over the internet to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Not only can we provide training, but we can remotely connect into your desktop and provide on the spot support.

    Call our customer service department to schedule a time for online training.