Produce Market Report

Market Update – October 3rd, 2013.

Origin: Mexico / California

Tomato market has improved slightly with better supply.

Roma market is very strong with light supplies.

Origin: California / Mexico

Market is very strong as we are just a couple more weeks away from the end of the California Avocado season. Mexico is now ramping up with more volume coming in every week. Mexican avocado quality is good.

Origin: California

Market is steady and quality is good.

Origin: California

Yellow Onion market slightly stronger with good supply.

Red onion market is steady with good supply.

Origin: California / Arizona

Cantaloupe market is very active with lighter supplies.

Honeydew is steady with good supply.

Mixed melons are now very short with some varieties no longer available.


Market is up, supplies are good.

Origin: Costa Rica / Mexico

Market is steady with good supply.

Origin: California

Lemon market has continued to maintain extremely high prices with market still very tight. Local production is improving but very slowly. We should see some relief soon!

Orange market is very active as we near the end of the Valencia season. Navels are two to three weeks away. Supplies are dwindling.

Texas Valencia’s will be available soon.

Lime (Mexico) market is steady with good supply.

Origin: Idaho

Market is improving as we continue harvesting new crop. Very little old crop left.

Origin: California

Market is stronger supplies steady out of California.

Origin: California / Mexico

Strawberry market is slightly stronger with good supply.

Raspberry-Blackberries…market is moving up as we begin to transition. Supplies are good.

Blueberries: market is stronger with lighter supplies.

Stone Fruit
Origin: California

All varieties are winding down with much lighter supplies.

Iceberg & Leaf
Origin: California

Iceberg is very active with markets moving up as supplies dwindle with good demand. End of the Salinas season is very close.

Romaine, Greenleaf, Redleaf…all leaf is slightly active with good supply.

Cilantro….market steady with good supply.

Origin: Peru / California

Market is steady but may begin to get slightly stronger with lighter supplies out of Mexico.

Broccoli – Cauliflower - Celery
Origin: California

Broccoli is extremely short with market pricing going through the roof! Demand remains very good creating “sold out” end of day. Could remain this way through the transition.

Cauliflower market is getting stronger and may move up more next week. Supply is light.

Celery market is steady with good supply.

Red cabbage market is steady with good supply.

Green cabbage market coming off slowly with good supply.

Origin: California / Mexico

Italian & Yellow squash market is steady with good supply.

Cucumbers market is slightly stronger with good supply.

Blue Lake Bean ….supplies are light and market is strong.

Eggplant …market steady, supplies are good.

Hot House Cucumbers…market stronger, good supply.

Bell Peppers
Origin: California / Mexico

Red bell market is strong with light supplies, should improve soon.

Green bells steady with good supply.


Pumpkins are now available. Get them early, before the season runs out!

Enjoy your weekend!